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20 Venti

Twenty in Italian

Directly in the city center of Svidník, in the pedestrian zone, there is a café, whose name reminds Italy, rather than the picturesque east of Slovakia. And yet it has been here for a long time. Well, it´s been nearly twenty years, and it is linked with the name of the café, along with a whole new look and assortment, which were given it by the owner. Venti 20 (Venti is twenty in Italian) is definitely a place that becomes your favourite. The café is furnished in a slightly industrial style. Inside,

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letsgetgourmet BONBON

The story of Trenčín hidden in chocolate

We felt a little bit distinct about the invitation to the Trenčín´s chocolate factory from the beginning. What could possibly surprise us  - the streetwise coffe lovers? However, there is something that can not be bought anywhere, the atmosphere that the owners spreading out all over the place, decorations, assortment and, of course, coffee. And we've found another place for you to get to know about a little more. Among all the things, you can find there the paintings painted with chocolate or an image embroidered

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Five Points

Industrial Cofeeholic

On the corner of Panská and Venturian, where the two oldest streets of the Old Town symbolically merge, the café is the fulfillment of all the coffee lovers, Five Points. Five Points is a fresh young concept that offers 9 grams coffee from the popular Slovak roaster. A nice design that mixes hipstery with industrialism, but also Paris with New York. The area is clearly dominated by a corner upholstered turquoise bench, which leads to a sitting and a view of the epicenter of the city. The

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Lemon lava cake

Lemon lava cake

If you do not want to bake today, now you definitely know where they serve you so well. At hotel Elizabeth, Ternčín. Lemon lava cake Ingredients: 220g white chocolate, 8 tablespoon butter, 1.5 cups of powdered sugar, 3 eggs, 3 egg yolks, 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavor, 2 lbs of lemon juice, lemon peel of 2 lemons, half a cup of smooth flour, salt Method: Preheat the oven at 200 degrees, dissolve the chocolate with butter in a water bath, scoop the eggs with sugar, add vanilla extract, lemon juice and

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The Bus Stop

A Stop in the 1950’s

What could make you more happy when travelling or waiting for a bus than a fresh coffee? Coffee in the most original place that you can expect at the bus station. Welcome back in time in a stylish cafe The Bus Stop.  When we visited The Bus Stop for the first time, the baguette shop behind an always busy bus stop across the road from the Bratislava Bus Station hadn't turned on the brand sign yet, but we were lured inside by a retro music and a real-life bus transformed into an original sitting room. While the new Bus

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Green asparagus in prosciutto with egg souse-vide and Dutch sauce

At hotel Elizabeth you will be convinced that you can actually win by the meal. You will experience the spring on the plate in form of a lush asparagus. Enjoy your meal! Green asparagus in prosciutto with egg souse-vide and Dutch sauce 4 servings Ingredients: 600g green asparagus, 100g prosciutto, 6 eggs, 100g butter, white pepper, salt, lemon juice, broth, herbs for decoration Method: Clean the asparagus, put it briefly into the boiling water (blanching) for about 1 min. and then put it in the

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recipe Elizabeth Hotel

Deer steak

Deer steak is an experience for all gourmets. Ingredients: 4pcs of deer steaks (one piece approx. 800 g), 0,5 dcl oil, salt, spice, 100g butter, 10g  blueberries, 5g sawdust of apple wood, 5g new pepper, 2 tablespoons plum jam, 250 ml strong natural sauce demiglas Side dish: 0,5 kg potatoes, 200 g root vegetables (carrots, parsley), 100 g onion, 100 g radish, 2 g saffron, 400 ml white wine, 100g sugar Method: Purify the potatoes, shape them in the shape of a roll and boil in salted water with

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Urban Coffee

The Return of tradition in a new guise

Near the city center, in a new residential complex Panorama City by the river Danube, a new cafe has found its place. Urban Coffee is already a known concept for passionate coffee lovers. In Bratislava it was one of the first cafes with roasters, integrated directly in the room, even in the BBC Plus Business Centre. Also the new cafe in the capital city has elegant roasters directly in and increases the attractiveness of the place itself. Fresh design URBAN coffee is a kind of surprise in a

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Second chance for the memories

KABLO cafe in a brand new Twin City project in Bratislava is a beautiful, cosy and comfortable place for a quick coffee with colleagues or for a long chat with a friend. It is also a place where memories of a once famous cable factory that used to stand here came to life. Comfy chairs, design accessories and a lovely menu are great and a smiling staff can turn the simplest place into your favourite destination. Still, our favourite cafes are the ones that have something extra, besides the perfect design,

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Mes Hommes

New York, 25th Dec by Mes Hommes

It’s the morning after Christmas. But the US ones just begins and with the vision of empty streets and peaceful day we are leaving The Evelyn hotel in an early hour. Until now we believed that a good morning starts with a cup of hot coffee. From now it is a cup of coffee and breathtaking view of the Flatiron building which is just a few steps away from our hotel and becomes our daily companion. Christmas morning in New York is really peaceful. Beautiful sunny weather we enjoy every time when we stand

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Konditorei Kormúth

Where history revived

Budapest, Venice or Vienna. In each of these places there is at least one gem, where history meets cuisine. Please accept our invitation to the patisserie Konditorei Kormúth, which for the preparation took more than 10 years. You will recognize it easily. Although it is relatively unobtrusive and has an unassuming window and it could easily happen that you miss it in a tangle of other businesses, there is always standing a squad of tourists in front of it. Paradoxically, they know more than we do, that on

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The Blond Zebras

Skiing in the Alps, part 2 by The Blond Zebras

It took me a while but I can’t miss sharing another part of my trip to the Austrian Alps with you. The four days I spent in the mountains were not just about skiing. There was also some great food, drinks, some surprises and a little bit of dancing. I already told you about the most wonderful little mountain chalet that we were staying at for the first night – Hotel Koller. It was the most enchanting place I’ve ever seen in the snow – right out of a Hand Christian Andersen story. Green window frames,

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The Blond Zebras BMW

Blue Rocket By The Blond Zebras

Ok, guys, here’s the thing. I must admit that I’m a pretty spoiled person when it comes to some things. My Dad always loved technology and cars, so when he could, he always bought the best possible ones for us. He rides a perfect Mercedes which I love, but to be honest, never ride much since I don’t live at home anymore. But I always knew, I have always been aware of the possibilities of what a car can do and what the latest „toys“ in it can be. And I adore Top Gear, too. So there are cars that I like, that

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Le chique diplomatique

Austrian Alps by Le Chique Diplomatique

This post will be a combination of two places I´ve visited, but they´re connected with one story. If you follow me on Instagram you know, that we´ve enjoyed a beautiful skiing in the Austrian Alps before Christmas . Actually, we couldn´be in a better place than in mountain hotel Berghotel Rudolfshütte, surrounded by 22 imposing 3.000-meter peaks and numerous glaciers. Rooms were very cozy, food was delicious and even panoramatic sauna with stunning view of the Alps surrounding us made our vacation unforgettable.

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