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Deer steak


Deer steak is an experience for all gourmets.

Ingredients: 4pcs of deer steaks (one piece approx. 800 g), 0,5 dcl oil, salt, spice, 100g butter, 10g  blueberries, 5g sawdust of apple wood, 5g new pepper, 2 tablespoons plum jam, 250 ml strong natural sauce demiglas


Side dish: 0,5 kg potatoes, 200 g root vegetables (carrots, parsley), 100 g onion, 100 g radish, 2 g saffron, 400 ml white wine, 100g sugar


Method: Purify the potatoes, shape them in the shape of a roll and boil in salted water with saffron. Cook the other vegetables in wine together with sugar. Remove the tendons from the meat and cut the meat into steaks, leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Remove the meat form the refrigerator apx 30 minuts befor cooking, shred it on a hot pan and roast from both sides, season and salt, and put into the 150 °C preheated oven. The cooking time depends on the size of the meat and the desired degree of cooking. The favorite „medium“ takes about 15 minutes.

recipe Elizabeth Hotel

Preparation of the sauce: Put the strong demi glace sauce into the boil, add plum jam and thicken with cold butter, season with salt, spices and you can also use herbs (eg. rosemary, thyme, estragone).

recipe Elizabeth Hotel

Serving: Serve the prepared vegetables according to your own imagination with the ready steak, which you have left after baking on a wooden board for 2 minutes and bury it under the glass gnomes and smoke with a smoking gun. If you havn´t got a smoking gin, put the sawdust with spices into a pot, lightly sprinkle it with water, put in the meat and lightly smoke it under the lid.

Recipe by Lukáš Kováčik, chef from Hotel Elizabeth Trenčín.


Foto: Ondrej Bobek

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