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Do you also usually skip the places near your home when you go out? 

I’ve never been to any of the pubs or restaurants in the street in Prague I lived on, not even in the theatre 100m away from our apartment (what a shame!).

And the situation is not too much different for me while living in CPH. But as long as I bike everywhere, I don’t really mind — because biking to visit an awesome place is like having two awesome things together! 

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I ( Sju loves) made this short guide for you guys who are planning to visit Copenhagen. I always take my guests here, and as my friends keep coming since I’ve moved here, these places have really proven themselves in the past year.

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It’s pretty clear to me that places such as Little Mermaid or Nyhavn belong to any tourist’s starter pack, but let’s just have a look at something you might not find in a paperback tourist guide.

to the Amager Strand– I’ve fallen in love with Copenhagen beach and it doesn’t matter whether it’s summer and I can sunbathe or just walk by the quayside and admire the winter wonderland. I even like the overall grayness of the area in winter months – gray sea, gray sky and the modern functional architecture bringing nature closer to the people and vice versa. Benches, paths for roller skaters and cyclists, piers looking at the sea, outlooks – all these things look gorgeous and make me happy.

to Copenhagen parks – it may sound weird, but the best way how to deeply indulge in the Danish atmosphere is to take a picnic basket, a blanket and go to a park and enjoy the sun. Whenever it’s more than 10 degrees outside, Danes put on their short sleeves, grab a sixpack of Carlsberg and occupy every single free piece of a lawn. And you know what? — Maybe there is really something to it. Me and my bf love to go to some of cph parks after work, take a pizza and beer with us and enjoy the nice weather (while it lasts!).

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dress and cardigan: H&M // jeans: Mango // shoes: Vagabond // belt: COS

You can also sit by the canal at the library (The Black Diamond), around Islands BryggeKalvebod Bølge or near the Opera and there are plenty of free deck chairs all over the length of the canal where you can just chill out, or even swim in the canal if you want.

check out some culture – I would really recommend visiting Lousiana gallery located just 40 km away from CPH for sure (you can get a combined train+gallery ticket in the central station). If you don’t have much time and wanna save some money, go to SMK – National Gallery of Denmark – with the largest collection of art in DK. Except for current exhibitions, the entrance is free. I’d also recommend Arken – Museum of Modern Art, located in Ishøj Strandpark 20km south of Copenhagen, but maybe I have enjoyed the bike trip to the museum and the artsy shop more than the actual museum itself, I guess 🙂 The entrance is around 110 DKK.


to Malmö – I must say that except the airport, I have not been to Malmö, yet. However at least for half of our guests, Malmö was the highlight of their stay in my place (which is kinda sad), so I think I can recommend Malmö with a clear conscience. You can either take a bus or buy a ticket at the CPH central train station for approx. 100 DKK and the journey takes approx. an hour one way.

to Superkilen and Red Square – photogenic stripes on the ground, red walls, pink paths for pedestrians make this place a superb location for outfit photoshoots (in case some blogger is reading this). This place’s got a lot more–it offers many functional designer pieces from world designers, such as a Czech bench, a Marrocan chess tables, Dutch bike stands and a bike pump, grills ready for preparing food – just bring your own coal, meat and a sixpack and chill out with your friends.

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(taken by Zenit analog camera, no postprocess)

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