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Do you love books? Then you can’t miss a chance to visit this hotel, where books are everywhere. I mean – nearly everywhere.

Where else than in the design kingdom could we find anything like this? Hotel Mornington Stockholm, a nice and budget-friendly four star hotel, can be found in the Östermalm neighbourhood right in the heart of the city.

Hotel Mornington

Our dreams were beautiful, how couldn’t they be in the airy sheets and designer Swedish bed with chocolates as a courtesy of the hotel. But if the sleep wasn’t coming, we could just pick up one of the numerous books lying around.

Bedroom Mornington hotel


Mornington hotel interier

The morning is quiet, people are on their way to work and a restaurant across the street is accepting a delivery. The dynamic Swedes are already working out in the gym as we’re making our way to the breakfast. Lazy Slovaks.

Morning in Mornington hotel

We’re surprised to see several business meeting already in progress at breakfast. One table even seems to be hosting an interview. A little bit untraditional for our taste, but very refreshing. After breakfast we go for a walk, followed by a coffee and a cake. Let yourself be amazed by the hotel full of books this way.

Morning in Stockholm hotel Mornington

Cefe Mornington


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By: Simona Budinská

Photo by: Hotel Mornington

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