Chateau Mcely Czech republic


When you leave Prague and head towards the North-East, you’ll find lots of magical villages. Picturesque country tempting you to discover new places and search for local secrets. And it will lead you to the “fairy-tale” castle, Chateau Mcely. 

St. George Forest

Set in a forest park, surrounded by a gentle village and never-ending fields. Adorned with secrets and local legends. A pilgrimage place where people saw Virgin Mary and a see-through forest. All of these surround the eco chic castle, turned into an exclusive hotel from a ruin by the talented Slovak woman and her American husband.

Chateau Mcely Czech republic

The hotel is designed in an elegant, sophisticated style, emanating history despite the fact that almost everything is brand new. Each room has a different name and carries a different story. Little princesses will be excited by the “Princess Nely” apartment, looking like a fairy-tale. Lilac colour, birds on the ceiling and a canopy over the bed. And your own story to go with it.

Princess Nely of Chateau Mcely Suite

Bedtime stories aren’t just for children here, though. After a luxurious dinner (hotel restaurant won the “Best restaurant in Czech republic” award in 2014) you can read a story while eating a sweet praline and fall asleep just like in a dream.


Herbs and Spa create something like a second storyline of the hotel. The top-lever service is the work of the owner, Inéz Cusumano. Together with another expert, she develops bio cosmetics, fit also for the extremely sensitive and allergic skin, in the castle laboratory. The cosmetics is immensely aromatic, but it’s also good for people suffering from intolerance for perfumes in lotions, thanks to its 100% natural origin.

MCELY BOUQUET SPA - Outdoor Jacuzzi

In the luxurious Spa you can enjoy procedures using these cosmetics, total intimacy and quiet. Biotope lake, sauna, relaxation area. More active guest need not to worry, they will be cared for, too. They can rent bikes, play badminton or crocket or discover the secrets of the Forrest of St. George.

Natural Swimming Lake IV

chateau mcelyThe hotel is committed to bring more than just hospitality to its guests. And you are definitely going to feel it.



By: Simona Budinska

Photo by: Chateau Mcely


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