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The real food has finally arrived in Slovakia. Czech franchise has been brought to the Slovak market by a nice and smiling  HR manager Jana Palenčárová. She found a perfect place for a small bistro joined by a store offering a wide range of high quality groceries in the capital, at Suche myto. Come and have a look with us. 

Sklizeno Bratislava

The space feels warm and it’s divided into two parts. The store, where you can find anything your heart and taste buds desire. The second one, a bistro, is full of iron chairs and tables. They don’t feel cold though, maybe thanks to a warm orange colour that fills you with positive energy. Ozajstne jedlo – Sklizeno is here for everyone who cares about BIO products, the country of origin of their groceries and products without the unnecessary “Es”.


Real food Sklizeno

Food Sklizeno

The atmosphere of the venue is created especially by people. Employees are professionally trained, educated and there is something strange about them – strange in a good sense of the work. It’s obvious that they love doing their jobs. Their smile, friendly attitude and their  willingness to advise the customer were a nice surprise for me. You can feel the team spirit, giving the place something that I’ve never found in another store before. Trust.

team Sklizeno

Bratislava Sklizeno

As soon as we entered our interest was picked by the transparent glass cabinets, wooden shelves and cooling boxes full of good things. The lovers of meat, fresh pastry, even the amazing cheese, beer and wines will be happy here. Each real food needs the right ingredients in the form of fresh fruit, vegetables, lovely marmalades and honey. Let’s not forget the sweet must and magical teas.


Sklizeno real food Bratislava

regal Sklizeno

If you haven’t come here for shopping, however, or you’d like to connect it with a gastronomy experience, be sure to try the salads, created from fresh ingredients. The offer includes more filling salads like the bulgur, cheese or cuscus one, but also lighter versions with spinach and beetroot. To warm up your stomach there is a tasty soup, a different one every day. You can put these meals into a menu, together with lovely desserts like gluten-free poppy seed cake, a cheesecake with milk chocolate or a home-made pudding. This way you can enjoy the real food every day for lunch or take it home for dinner.


Real Food


Being the coffee lovers, we couldn’t resist the good coffee with perfect aroma. There is KUBA by Zlate zrnko and KIGOBE by Goriffee in the grinders. You can also use a handy Take Away service. Not just with coffee, but also with fresh juices, salads, sandwiches, freshly prepared for you from groceries that you can find in the store. This way you always know what you’re eating.

sklizeno real food

Real food

Make your children happy and show them what real food tastes like! Interactive fun awaits them in Ozajstne jedlo – Sklizeno in the form of TV screen and a special sensor monitoring the hand movements. Save your apple from the insects, pick fresh fruits into the basket and put a smile on the sheep’s face. Yes, this can be the way to cherish the love for the real food!


Text: Augustína Markocsyová

Foto: Ondrej Bobek

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