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20 Venti

Twenty in Italian

Directly in the city center of Svidník, in the pedestrian zone, there is a café, whose name reminds Italy, rather than the picturesque east of Slovakia. And yet it has been here for a long time. Well, it´s been nearly twenty years, and it is linked with the name of the café, along with a whole new look and assortment, which were given it by the owner. Venti 20 (Venti is twenty in Italian) is definitely a place that becomes your favourite. The café is furnished in a slightly industrial style. Inside,

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Five Points

Industrial Cofeeholic

On the corner of Panská and Venturian, where the two oldest streets of the Old Town symbolically merge, the café is the fulfillment of all the coffee lovers, Five Points. Five Points is a fresh young concept that offers 9 grams coffee from the popular Slovak roaster. A nice design that mixes hipstery with industrialism, but also Paris with New York. The area is clearly dominated by a corner upholstered turquoise bench, which leads to a sitting and a view of the epicenter of the city. The

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Village resort Hanuliak

There, where the rest is the necessity

The family is the basis for most people. Values such as harmony, love, mutual respect and solidarity are the key element of a healthy, fulfilling family. Hanuliak Village Resort combines a reflection of all these attributes and more others that offers its customers. Near the confluence of three rivers in the north of Slovakia, only 20 km from the bustling Žilina there is a picturesque village Belá. At its end, under the forests and hills in the beautiful nature of the Malá Fatra National Park, you will find family-run hotel

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Cafe Cafe Prievidza

Cup of coffee with a soul at Adriana´s

Cafe or restaurant can be any nice, cozy and has a great menu, but it may miss its soul. In a small pleasant cave in Prievidza you will make feel yourself like home thanks to the soul of the company – the smiling owner. The cafe Cafe Cafe is to be found in Prievidza outside the busy city center, near the settlement, on a street full of family houses, where the traditional coffee lovers may have difficulties to come. This place, however, breaks down the prejudices and overcome our expectations when we

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Nestville Chocolate

An ancient tale of the past come alive

An ancient tale of the past come alive. Chocolate, yummy, who wouldn´t like it?! Chocolate has a long history in this world. However, do you know where this magical story begins ? It has been brought on our territory by the great lover of this enchanting material. It was very Maria Theresa, Queen of the House of Habsburg. On the northern Spiš, directly to Ľubovňa castle, it was delivered by another strong woman, Maria Jozefa. You can enjoy her sweet story with chocolate as well as pleasant session at Nestville

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Žilina Korzo


There are spots which are nice, they have quite good coffee or serve the tasteful dishes. And then there are those you travel hundreds of kilometers for with pleasure. Get to know the latest addition at the colorful Marianske Square in Žilina, the restaurant Korzo. In our coffee-wanderings through Slovakia, our paths lead us to Žilina. In fact, there has been opened a new stylish restaurant Korzo in August, placed in the corner of the charming Square with colorful burgher houses, which we had had to seen.

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Our travels over Slovakia have brought us to Štrbské pleso this winter. The historical Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras majestically overlooks the whole country in the reflection of a mountain lake. In a few years it revived the fame of the most luxurious hotel not just in High Tatras, but in the whole Slovakia. The splendour of the mountain hotel Kempinski is obvious at the first glance. Not because of the posh cars lining the driveway to the historical hotel or the grand society status. Grand Hotel Kempiski

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Cold Cherry Soup with Yogurt and Goji Ingredients: 400g cherries, simmer cloves, cinnamon, 0,6l milk, 0,4l cream, 180g sugar, yogurt, goji, 50g flour, lemon, salt Preparation: Simmer cloves and cinnamon in the water for half an hour then decant and keep the decoction. Add black cherries into decoction and simmer for another 20 minutes. Add milk, sugar, cream and overcook. Zest with lemon and sprinkle with flour. First blend it with the blender then sieve. Serve cooled with yogurt and goji. Enjoy

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Souse vide Argentinian sirloin, Goat cheese, shallot, polenta Ingredients: 720g sirloin, 200g ripened goat cheese, 250ml cream 30%, 10 pieces shallot, 300g corn polenta, 200g butter, 150ml olive oil, salt (as needed), seasoning (as needed), 400ml red wine, 1 spoon balsamic vinegar, 1 pkg pea shoots, cinnamon stick, 1 piece star anise, granulated-sugar (as needed) Preparation: Clean and season the sirloin with salt and seasoning, add olive oil and put the sirloin wraped in a bag designed to evacuate to the

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While driving throughout Slovakia we often stumble upon interesting places. This time we discovered a real treasure in Košice. The dreamy Vila Terrasse is full of unexpected nooks and fascinating stories that delighted our romantic soul. The first look at the quiet villa in one of Košice's neighbourhoods doesn't tell a traveller anything about one of the most beautiful and stylish family hotels in Eastern Slovakia hidden inside. Behind a big wooden gate set in a rock fence you'll discover a piece of

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Vyšné Ružbachy Slovakia


At the end of the narrow roads of Eastern Slovakia and plenty of colourful villages, there is the most blooming town in Slovakia. It's full of history, lovely hidden corners in the never-ending woods and hides original spa you won't be able to find anywhere else. The first think you'll notice in Vysne Ruzbachy are the ever-present flowers, lining the main road up to the entrance to the green historical spa. During our travels across Slovakia we've never seen another village that would make us smile as much

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